195 Specialist Centre and Children's Clinic

195 Specialist Centre in Bulleen offer a wide range of specialist medical services and treatment for adults and children.

Our emphasis is accessible and friendly personalised service encompassing most health needs in one location.

Specialist Directory

Endocrine Surgery Mr Jason Tan
General Medicine Dr Matthew Davies
General Surgery Mr Jason Tan
Geriatrics Dr Ganga Ganesvaran
Gynaecology Dr Alison De Souza
  Dr Denise Koong
Neurology Dr Ganga Ganesvaran
  Salar McModie
Neurosurgeory Mr Hui Lau
Orthopaedic Surgery Mr Ishfaq Hussaini
Paediatrics Dr Ania Hargrove
Paediatric Surgery Dr Jennifer Wheatley
Physiotherapy Dr Farahnaz Foroozeshkhah
  Dr Neda Bohlooli
Psychology Dr Jenny Hansen
  Dr Cressida MacCuspie
  Mr Jason Buttigieg
  Hoda Barazandeh
  Dr Ian Williams
Neuropsychology Ms Laura Scott
  Dr Cressida MacCuspie
Remedial Massage Therapist Ms Zahra Shahhosseini
Renal Medicine Dr Matthew Davies
Rhuematology Professor Anita Wiluka
  Dr Thilinie De Silva
  Dr Andrew Teichtahl
Vascular Surgery Mr Peter Chu